Feature Focus: Shock Absorbing Pallet Design

Shock Absorbing Pallet Design

In 2015, Thermotron, established industry leader and innovative problem solver, introduced a new pallet to ensure more reliable deliveries of environmental test chambers as well as reduce damage to products from vibration that sometimes occurs during shipment.

The previous pallet design was an industry standard, with a simple, single-level wooden pallet. Thermotron wanted to design and create a new pallet that could reduce damage to equipment during the transport process. Vibration and shock damage in long-distance shipping, especially to areas with less than ideal transport infrastructure, was occasionally causing damage to the chambers and shakers. The previous pallet design could not withstand the vibration caused by unpaved roads or potholes, and the equipment suffered as a result. This led to delays in production for companies planning to use the environmental test chamber in product testing as well as an increase in service calls for customers, costing time and money.

Thermotron engineers Frank Amatangelo and Rob Walker teamed up to develop a solution. Over a four-month design process, they designed a pallet that uses thick, dense foam to absorb shock and ensure the high-quality service that customers expect from Thermotron. These pieces of foam are placed horizontally on the standard skid with the foam placed intermittently between two boards. Metal end caps provide strong support and serve as the finishing touches on the improved design. Implementation of the new pallet design took place in April 2015 and has successfully decreased damage to test chambers during the shipping process, solidifying the decision for customers to trust Thermotron to fulfill their environmental testing needs.

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