Webinar: Basics & Best Practices of Environmental Testing

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Q-Lab: Laboratory Corrosion Testing: Realism and Reproducibility with Modern Methods
When it comes to corrosion testing, the neutral salt spray test is the first — and most widely used — method today. However, two problems with this method are clear: it rarely replicates real-world corrosion and it has been challenged by reproducibility issues. Another common test, wet/dry cycling methods, attempt to improve correlation to the outdoor environment, but today we know that corrosion chambers need better control of their climatic conditions for improved reproducibility. Thanks to the automotive industry, laboratory corrosion testing has been pushed forward with new requirements and methods. In this webinar, we discuss these new requirements and how modern corrosion test chambers are better parallels to the outdoor corrosion environment, producing better repeatability and reproduction of test results.

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Thermotron: Basics & Best Practices of Environmental Testing
With environmental testing, you can improve product reliability and quality, reduce warranty costs, increase profitability, meet supplier requirements, and give your company a competitive advantage. Watch to learn more about the different types of environmental testing, from temperature and humidity to vibration and altitude testing. We’ll also share some basic, best practices to effectively test your product.

Original Air Date: April 18, 2018


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