Feature Focus: Universal Port – SE-Series

Universal Port Thermotron’s patented Universal Port is an oversized portal installed into the side wall on the SE-Series, expanding their capabilities by increasing and diversifying test system utilization and lab productivity.

The Universal Port interfaces with interchangeable modules/accessories that characterize different stress testing and simulation techniques, allowing the test chamber to serve multiple purposes and reducing capital investment costs. With the Universal Port, each time testing requirements change, a temperature chamber becomes a HALT chamber, a thermal shock chamber, or a remote conditioner without purchasing an entirely new chamber. Roll-up modules/accessories can be purchased later.

Universal Port modules/accessories occupy common side wall space and elevation consistent between chamber lines and models. The stainless steel port reduces moisture migration and heat leak and a full-sealing structural plug fills the portal with a pressurized fit when the port is not in use.

Available Universal Port Options:

  • RSL-16 portable shaker
  • Roll-up module for HALT
  • Roll-up thermal shock module
  • Walk-in conditioning module
  • Telcordia test module
  • Data storage test module
  • Glove ports
  • Window
  • Bulkhead ESS connector plate
  • Remote blower package
  • Workspace extension enclosures
  • Fiber optic management trays

When the Universal Port is removed from the chamber, it exposes a 16.6” x 30.6” opening which features a continuous weld around the perimeter in the chamber side wall. The height and size of the opening is consistent across all SE-Series chambers and allows for seamless integration with all accessories and modules, allowing the universal port to adapt to many modifications and configurations. The Universal Port also features two rugged handles for easy removal when interfaced with other chamber accessories.

The Universal Port opening on a SE-chamber serves as a building block for future upgrades. This modularity brings a definite cost advantage: you can build up your test lab resources without expending large amounts of capital each time a new testing requirement arises. The Universal Port is an available option on all new SE-Series chambers, and can be installed on all chambers as a field retrofit by factory-trained field engineers. Contact your local Thermotron sales representative or service engineer for more details.

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