Safety Feature: Battery Test Chamber

Thermotron has proven solutions to test your lithium ion batteries. Whether testing cells, modules, or battery packs, Thermotron has high performance, high reliability testing equipment that exceeds industry standard testing specifications. A variety of safety features are available to ensure technicians are never in harm’s way.

Safety Features: 

  • Blow Off Top
    • Releases when pressures are too great. A metal cage houses the blow off top to block particulates from escaping.
  • Explosion Proof Interior Light
    • Specially configured light bulb protects it from damage inside the chamber.
  • Exterior Light
    • A light source mounted on the outside of the chamber gaurantees the bulb will not explode from extreme conditions.
  • Gas Detector/Monitor
    • Detects and monitors any inbalances in hazardous gas levels.
  • Intrinsic Safety Isolation Barrier
    • Protection for safe operation in dangerous atmospheres and under irregular operation conditions.
  • Non-Sparking Fan Blade
    • Ensures the fan will not act as a starting agent if gas is present.
  • Reinforced Floor
    • Ideal for testing heavy or multiple battery modules or packs.
  • Sheath Heater
    • Temperatures cannot increase higher than auto ignition temperature.
  • Nitrogen Purge
    • Reduces oxygen content inside the chamber.
  • Hand Wheel Door Latch
    • Heavy-duty door handle ensures that pressures will not blast door open.
  • Handle/Latch
    • Latch holds door shut while a proximity switch detects whether the door is properly locked, acts as a blow-out option.

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