Feature Focus: ThermoTrak II Software – Controllers


Control up to 32 Thermotron Environmental Chambers from a single computer using ThermoTrak II software. This free software provides a private test chamber network and is your central hub for all chamber programing, operating, data acquisition, and display functions. ThermoTrak II software can log data as fast as every two seconds and is only limited by the amount of hard drive space on your computer.
ThermoTrak II’s innovative capabilities make environmental test chamber control more efficient than ever before, simplifying lab management and improving performance by saving time, increasing productivity, and cutting costs.

ThermoTrak II displays all the real-time variables your chamber controllers provide. It offers full-color graphs of the set points, process variables, and monitor channels. It is compatible with current and most legacy Thermotron Controllers.

ThermoTrak II’s automated features monitor and report various chamber events and alarms, so users are aware of what is happening while multiple tests are taking place. The software was designed to help improve the accuracy, speed, and quality of your test results.

ThermoTrak II has a Windows®-based interface, which makes it easy to install and use. ThermoTrak II is free and can be downloaded from the Thermotron website. You can set up your own private network of environmental chambers by following the steps below.

1. Click this link

2. Fill out the form and select the appropriate instrument type.

3. Download the software by selecting your chosen manual or update.

4. Open the file using zip-capable software such as WinZip.

For further instructions, view the “readme” file using Microsoft Notepad.

If you have questions please contact Thermotron Technical Advisors at 616-393-4580 or your local sales person.

Download the PDF here.

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