Benefits of Environmental Testing

Between an idea’s conception and its release to market, we know how much time and effort goes into a successful product. We also believe Thermotron can be an integral part of your process, helping optimize your resources and maximize your success.

Testing your products using Thermotron environmental test chambers and vibration test systems does so much more than just ensure your product works how you envisioned. Environmental testing has benefits that span an entire organization, from marketing to manufacturing, and everything in between. This guide details some of the many benefits associated with environmental testing.

Functional Benefits

Determine the strength of the product

Meet and exceed product requirements, specifications, and regulations

Improve product reliability and quality

Help to save lives

Gain competitive advantages

Financial Benefits

Avoid costly recalls

Reduce warranty costs

Save company time, money, and resources

Maximize profitability

Psychological Benefits

Create peace of mind

Maintain your brand reputation


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