Brochure: CDS-5

cds-5The CDS-5 (Cytogenetic Drying System) was designed by Thermotron and the Mayo Clinic. The CDS-5 provides the optimum controlled temperature and humidity environment for ideal chromosome spreading results. Favorable chromosome spreading results can be obtained for both in situ and non-in situ cultures including PHA stimulated lymphocytes, bone marrow, amniocytes, and fibroblast.

Specially designed arm ports provide maximum comfort and maneuverability inside the workspace. A full-view polycarbonate door and interior light allows complete visibility of the entire workspace, making precise tasks easier to accomplish. The door lip acts as a convenient storage space for supplies.

Our Cytogenetic Drying System is ideal for laboratories because it operates quietly and releases minimal amounts of heat. The system’s design optimizes the width of the workspace and limits the overall exterior dimensions. Casters are incorporated to accommodate movement into and throughout the laboratory. The chamber is self supported by a base that provides a comfortable work station, ergonomically designed for technologists to prepare slides in the standing or sitting position.

Download the PDF file below to learn more about this product.

CDS-5 Brochure PDF File

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