Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Brochure

electrodynamic shakerThermotron is a turnkey manufacturer of vibration test systems, including the shaker, amplifier, control system, slip tables, head expanders, and fixtures. With the ability to run random, sine-to-shock, sine-on-random, and random-on-random tests, Thermotron’s versatile performance can meet your specific testing needs.

Our electrodynamic shakers feature superior acceleration, velocity, force, and shock performance. With a rugged, lightweight magnesium armature, a powerful IGBT-based amplifier, and an intuitive Windows®-based vibration control system, Thermotron’s DSX-Series Electrodynamic Shakers provide durability and versatility that meet a variety of vibration testing applications.

Thermotron can also tailor your test system to meet whatever specific vibration testing needs you may have, as outlined in our Enhanced Shock Feature Focus.

For more information, check out our Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Brochure.

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