For the past 40 years, Thermotron has provided its customers state-of-the-art test equipment and controllers. The 8800 Controller Programmer is unrivaled by any other in the market and now is even better thanks to the addition of the 8800 Data Acquisition (DAQ) system. The 8800 DAQ system greatly increases product monitoring, control and data collection capabilities without the need of additional software or test equipment.

Offered as a standard feature on many of our popular SE-Series test chambers, the 8800 DAQ provides 3 digital and 2 analog outputs and 1 re-assignable temperature measurement channel, all of which are configurable through the 8800 Controller interface. These channels allow manual or programmed control of product inputs or relays.
Thermotron can also expand the capabilities of the 8800 DAQ. Additional channels that can monitor and control analog, digital and thermocouple inputs are available as optional equipment. These options include 8 analog input channels, 2 additional analog output channels and 12 user configurable digital input/output channels. Eight additional thermocouples are also available to monitor and record additional temperatures. The 8800 DAQ can be integrated into almost all new 8800-controlled test chambers and is available as an aftermarket upgrade to most existing 8800-controlled chambers.

All of the data collected by the 8800 DAQ can be viewed in the new DAQ tab built into the 8800 software interface and displayed on the real-time graph. Set-up wizards allow for configuring units, resolutions, average factors, low and high limits and notes with simple, step-by-step instructions. Digital readouts show the status of currently active channel conditions.

Our Product Test Solutions group is also able to design and build custom DAQ solutions for customers in need of even more data acquisition capabilities. From increased channel counts to faster data collection, the PTS Group has the experience needed to develop and manufacture custom test system integration equipment.

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