Thermotron is pleased to announce two new environmental chambers have been added to the popular SE-Series line of environmental test chambers: the SE-300-10-10 and the SE-400-15-15. These compact, powerful environmental chambers have been engineered to provide the most accurate and reliable test results in the marketplace.

The SE-300-10-10 and SE-400-15-15 can produce temperatures ranging from 180°C to -70°C (356°F to -94°F). Both test chambers feature powerful compressors capable of providing rapid temperature change rates up to 25°C/min, reducing test cycle times and improving lab productivity.

The SE-300-10-10 features two 10 hp compressors powering a cascade refrigeration system and has an interior workspace measuring 24”w x 26.25”d x 28”h (61 cm x 67 cm 71 cm). The SE-400-15-15 has interior dimensions of 32”w x 26.25” d x 28”h (81cm x 67cm x 71 cm) and features two powerful 15 hp compressors, reducing the need for LN2 for rapid cooling performance. An optimized airflow system provides conditioning throughout the entire workspace, providing more consistent test results, improving product temperature change rates.

Our SE-Series Test Chambers feature Thermotron’s 8800 Programmer Controller with touch screen interface. The 8800 offers a brilliant 12″ color touch screen display, Ethernet compatibility and web-enabled front end for virtual anytime/anywhere access. Multilevel, password-based security protects sensitive data.

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