Thermotron is proud to offer the 8200 Programmer Controller, a powerful instrument with an intuitive user interface specifically designed and refined for use with environmental test chambers. With a high resolution 7-inch (17.78 cm) color touch wide screen display, the 8200 has been developed for easy operation and data collection.

An up-to-date Windows® look and feel provides the 8200 with a familiarity while still supporting robust operations. The logical user interface makes it easy to operate. A unique main screen contains key information on a single display, eliminating confusing navigation. Easy to use programming wizards provide step-by-step instructions on program entry and a built-in USB port allows programs to be interchanged between instruments quickly and easily. An interval-by-interval graphical representation allows you to see test profiles as they are programmed. The specialized graphing screen utilizes a tap and drag zoom box allowing specific graph data to be magnified for detailed inspection. The Program Status screen clearly displays helpful information on the program in progress including initial and final air temperatures, humidity values, and time remaining.

Utilizing compact flash memory, the 8200 is able to provide a new level of data acquisition and storage and is able to hold approximately 5 years of test data under average use. The built-in USB port supports export and transfer of test data for report generation using a USB flash drive. The 8200’s Ethernet connection provides network-wide accessibility while the Internet ready web server provides virtual anytime/anywhere access. Thermotron’s extensive multi-level, password-based security system protects sensitive data and provides peace of mind.

With up to four channels of control, the 8200 Programmer Controller is powerful enough to manage the most intense environmental testing profiles. By using Thermotron’s ThermoTrak II™ software, the 8200 controller allows for multiple chambers to be linked to a central computer for simultaneous testing.

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