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For more than 55 years, Thermotron has provided quality environmental test equipment. We’ve worked to establish a trusted reputation among our peers, and when people hear the name Thermotron, they have confidence in the testing of their own product. We’ve been building our name since 1962; now it’s your turn.


High Performance Test Chamber

Temperature Chamber

Thermotron temperature chambers come in a variety of sizes and performance configurations. Each chamber offer an ideal solution for any industry or product. Choose a temperature chamber that fits your performance, testing, laboratory, and company...
SE-Series Humidity and Temperature Testing

Humidity Chamber

A Thermotron humidity chamber offers a wide range of standard and custom solutions for any testing program. Environmental testing with a humidity chamber helps improve product reliability and durability. Humidity chambers are available in a varie...
Custom Flexible Dependable

AGREE Chamber

A Thermotron AGREE Chamber provides flexibility in your test lab. It can be used as a standalone temperature chamber or humidity chamber with thermal change rates from 5°C to 30°C per minute. An AGREE Chamber can also become a vibration chamber...
Electrodynamic vibration shaker

Vibration Test Systems

Vibration Testing can determine if a product can withstand the rigors of its intended use. Thermotron is a global leader in high-performance vibration shaker manufacturing including electrodynamic shakers and repetitive shock vibration tables. A...
HALT Chamber


Accelerated Stress Testing using HALT and HASS expedites a product's life cycle and gives insight to know when, where, and how it fails using temperature and repetitive shock vibration. Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) and Highly Accelerat...


Thermotron controllers are designed in-house by Thermotron software and hardware engineers specifically for their end-use. Test equipment controllers display, monitor, record, graph, and report accurate test data to improve lab efficiencies....
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