Brochure: S/SM-Series Environmental Testing Chamber

s/sm - seriesThermotron’s S/SM-8200 Series chambers deliver the quality and accuracy you would expect from a premier worldwide supplier of environmental testing equipment. Featuring the 8200 touchscreen programmer/controller, wide temperature and humidity ranges, and multiple chamber sizes, Thermotron’s S/SM-8200 Series chamber is the ideal choice for quality and customizable simulated environmental testing.

S/SM-8200 Series chambers utilize hermetically sealed compressors that provide moderate temperature change rates while consuming less power than comparable chambers. A heated window provides a clear view of the test area that is illuminated by the interior work space light. Casters provide mobility and easy move-in capabilities. Advanced features such as an electronic humidity sensor and product temperature control add value and reduce test time and maintenance.

We understand that protecting your investment is important; that’s why a comprehensive service and support program is available for each S/SM-8200 Series chamber sold. Thermotron’s warranty backs every chamber sold with access to application engineers, technical support, and nationwide field service technicians, lowering the ongoing cost of ownership.

Download the PDF file to learn more about the S/SM-Series Environmental Testing Chambers.

S/SM-Series Environmental Testing Chamber Brochure PDF File

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