Refurbished Chamber Process

If you are interested in buying a used Thermotron test chamber, consider buying directly from the source. Third-party resellers are not associated with Thermotron, so working with them may cause some of the issues outlined in “Buying a Used Chamber? 10 Questions to Ask”. Why not avoid all that uncertainty and purchase directly from Thermotron, a trusted name in the industry? We currently offer a large number of refurbished test chambers and, at any time, the following chambers may be available:

  • AGREE chambers
  • Altitude chambers
  • AST chambers
  • Benchtop chambers
  • Reach-in chambers
  • Temperature chambers
  • Temperature-humidity chambers
  • Thermal shock chambers
  • Walk-in chambers

If the original equipment owner no longer has a use for their test chamber and it meets certain conditions, Thermotron works with the owner to remove the chamber from their facility. By handling shipping costs and properly disposing of CFC refrigerants and any other hazardous materials, we make it easy to remove unneeded and unwanted Thermotron equipment. Once removed, the chamber is reconditioned into nearly-new status.

All Thermotron refurbished chambers experience a thorough, multi-step process before they are ready for sale. To ensure customer satisfaction, we conduct the following steps:

Step 1 A detailed inspection of the test chamber is conducted. Special attention is focused on the condition of any worn parts, which are then reconditioned or replaced. All the following parts are inspected

controller // refrigeration system // humidity system // thermocouples // lighting // light guard // insulation // gaskets //

mercury contactors //port plugs // contactors // fuses // heaters // heat links // windows // leak check // fan blades //

circulator motors // circulator motor guards // panels

Step 2 The interior and exterior of the test chamber are thoroughly cleaned and refinished.

Step 3 The equipment is rigorously tested to ensure full functionality per the given specifications.

These steps are taken to ensure that a refurbished Thermotron test chamber operates like a brand new piece of equipment. For further assurance, each refurbished chamber comes with a 90-day parts and labor warranty and a manual, something that you are not guaranteed to get with any other used chamber reseller. Thermotron also ensures all chamber components — especially the controller and refrigerants — are supported with available parts.

During the testing phase, we welcome our customers to visit Thermotron to conduct a customer witness on their chamber and see it operate. After you are satisfied with the chamber’s performance, it is ready to ship. If needed, equipment start-up and training are available at your facility in order to get your refurbished chamber running quickly and effectively.

Regardless if your chamber is brand new, used, or refurbished, Thermotron offers a wide array of services and support to all of our equipment, including:

Technical Advice – Our technical phone support team is available to help with any questions you may have regarding your equipment.

Field Service Engineers – Our field service Team is available to assist with training, calibration, and maintenance support you may need for your equipment or your team.

By purchasing a refurbished test chamber from Thermotron, you can have peace of mind that the equipment has been thoroughly vetted, repaired, and updated so there are no lurking issues that may arise from purchasing a used test chamber from a reseller.

Check our refurbished chamber page on our website or contact your local Thermotron representative for more information.

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