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CMU Panel Walk-In

Case Study: Central Michigan University - Panel Walk-in Chamber

CMU enhances consumer clothing products with their Walk-In Chamber.

Cytogenetic Drying System Mayo Clinic

Case Study: Mayo Clinic - CDS-5 Cytogenetic Drying Chamber

Learn how Thermotron and The Mayo Clinic improved cytogenetic testing.

CDS-5 Cytogenetics Drying Chamber for University of Washington Medical Center

Case Study: University of Washington Medical Center - CDS-5 Cytogenetic Drying Chamber

Technologists at the University of Washington Medical Center Cytogentics and Genomics Lab love Thermotron's CDS-5.

Environmental Chamber

Case Study: Mide - Environmental Chamber

Engineers at Mide performed an experiment after their beloved Patriots were caught with under-inflated footballs. Read how the experiment went.