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8200+ Controller | Demo Available

8200+ Controller | Demo Available

The 8200+ Controller is designed specifically for all S/SM chambers, including benchtops, as well as our CDS-5 series. The 8200+ Controller, featuring a color touchscreen display, makes program entry and product monitoring easy.

Universal Converter for Environmental Chambers

Universal Converter Desktop Software

Thermotron created a Universal Converter for many conversions helpful when testing with an environmental chamber.

ThermoTrakII for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: ThermoTrak II Software - Controllers

Control up to 32 environmental chambers with a single PC with ThermoTrakII.

Product Reliability Testing

Webinar: High-Performance Product Reliability Testing

View Thermotron's High-Performance Product Reliability Testing webinar to show how we can custom our SE-Series Chamber to support a high performance test.

Feature Focus: VNC Viewer

Feature Focus: VNC Viewer

Maintain access to the 8800 and 8825 Controller display information even if you are away from the chamber by utilizing the VNC viewer.

8200 Controller

Brochure: 8200+ Controller

View Thermotron's 8200+ Controller for environmental test chamber brochure

8800 Controller

Brochure: 8800 Controller

View Thermotron's 8800 Controller environmental test chamber brochure