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Patented Universal Port

Feature Focus: Universal Port - SE-Series

The Universal Port expands an environmental chamber's capabilities.

Feature Focus: Access Ports

Feature Focus: Access Ports

Users select access port size and location on their environmental chambers.

Shock-Absorbing Environmental Shipping Pallet

Feature Focus: Shock Absorbing Pallet Design

New shipping pallets reduce transportation related damange to environmental chambers.

Product Dewpoint Control for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Product Dewpoint Control - 8800 Controller

PDC prevents condensation from forming on a product during a test.

Transition Cooling for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Transition Cooling - SE-Series Test Chambers

Transistion Cooling uses sophisticated logic to enhance test chamber performance and reduce enegery consumption.

ThermoTrakII for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: ThermoTrak II Software - Controllers

Control up to 32 environmental chambers with a single PC with ThermoTrakII.

Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock

Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock

When specifying a new electrodynamic shaker, it is common for a high-force shock specification to require a larger, more powerful vibration system than required by the random and sine specifications, significantly driving up the price point. Thermotron has a cost effective, alternative solution.

Feature Focus: TestTools

Feature Focus: TestTools

The more test data you have for your product the better. Sometimes the product monitoring required exceeds the capability of the equipment’s controller. Enter Thermotron’s TestTools, which are instruments that can help with product stimulations and monitoring while undergoing environmental or vibration tests.

Feature Focus: VNC Viewer

Feature Focus: VNC Viewer

Maintain access to the 8800 and 8825 Controller display information even if you are away from the chamber by utilizing the VNC viewer.