“Impacting” the Respiratory Drug Delivery Industry

Thermotron has developed a state-of-the-art Impactor Test Chamber to improve accuracy and repeatability of inhaler and nebulizer product testing. By designing a sophisticated, dual-compartment environmental enclosure, Thermotron is able to precisely control temperature and humidity conditions. New developments in US & European Pharmacopeia testing criteria assisted in shaping this configuration. The test chamber includes two […]

Introduction to A Thermotron Battery Test Chamber

Due to the recent expansion of the eco-friendly battery development industry, Thermotron has developed testing solutions for every size and type of battery. Whether the application involves testing small lithium ion battery cells used in portable electronic devices, medium-sized battery modules, or large lithium ion battery packs used in hybrid electric automobiles, trucks, and buses, […]

Thermotron Appoints New President

Thermotron Industries announced the appointment of Ronald Lampen as its new President, effective March 31, 2010. Mr. Lampen’s appointment was made after Daniel O’Keefe, the Company’s COO and President for 29 years, made his decision to retire. Mr. Lampen is a proven executive with extensive experience in all facets of the business. He has held […]

Thermotron Recognized for Excellence by Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems

Raytheon Company presented supplier excellence awards to thirty companies for their exceptional performance in supporting the company’s Space and Airborne Systems (SAS) business. The winning suppliers represent less than one percent of Raytheon SAS’s supplier base. They were chosen for meeting demanding standards in the areas of quality and delivery performance, customer satisfaction, and total […]

PDA Chamber Monitor Provides Remote Access To Thermotron Test Equipment

Further expanding the functionality of their already versatile Programmer/Controllers, Thermotron is proud to offer the new PDA Chamber Monitor, a handheld PDA that enables remote access to Thermotron test equipment via a wireless Intranet. Thermotron’s PDA Chamber Monitor allows you to wirelessly monitor a network of chambers equipped with Thermotron’s popular 8800, 8200 and/or 3800 […]

Thermotron Expands Electrodynamic Shaker Range To 12,000 Pounds-Force (53.4kn)

Thermotron continues to shake up the vibration industry by introducing its versatile DSX-12000 electrodynamic vibration test system. This electrodynamic shaker features a lightweight 16″ (40.6 cm) diameter magnesium armature able to produce acceleration levels up to 120 g. Rated at 12,000 lbf (53.4 kN) sine and random, the DSX-12000 features best in class shock performance for […]

Thermotron’s Combined Environment Control System

Thermotron is proud to offer an instrument utilizing a single graphical interface able to control both the chamber and vibration test system. Ideal for customers performing combined environment testing, Thermotron’s Combined Environment Control System uses a large, 21″ widescreen color LCD monitor to display vibration control information such as power spectral density and acceleration data […]

New DSX Armature Size Provides High Acceleration Testing

Thermotron has been shaking up the shock and vibration industries with their new line of electrodynamic vibration test systems, the DSX Series. These high performance shakers feature superior acceleration, velocity, force, and shock performance. With most models able to achieve acceleration over 100 g, the DSX Series has been serving as a durable and versatile […]

Thermotron’s New 8200 Programmer/Controller

Thermotron is proud to offer the 8200 Programmer Controller, a powerful instrument with an intuitive user interface specifically designed and refined for use with environmental test chambers. With a high resolution 7-inch (17.78 cm) color touch wide screen display, the 8200 has been developed for easy operation and data collection. An up-to-date Windows® look and […]

Thermotron Adds Data Acquisition To Chamber Lines

For the past 40 years, Thermotron has provided its customers state-of-the-art test equipment and controllers. The 8800 Controller Programmer is unrivaled by any other in the market and now is even better thanks to the addition of the 8800 Data Acquisition (DAQ) system. The 8800 DAQ system greatly increases product monitoring, control and data collection […]

Thermotron Chambers Turn Up The Heat On Reliability

Manufacturers of electronics and components go to great lengths to miniaturize the parts and equipment they produce, giving us greater advances in technology and more precise equipment. However, the small size also causes increased concerns over safety and reliability of these miniaturized components. A smaller size makes these products particularly susceptible to thermal stress. Serious […]

Thermotron Chamber Finds Product and Design Deficiences FAST

Designed to perform accelerated stress testing on very large products, Thermotron’s FAST chambers provide versatility and sophisticated combined environmental testing unlike other HALT/HASS chambers currently on the market. These chambers are able to perform extreme temperature, humidity and vibration tests inside a chamber ranging to 100 cu. ft. (2831.7 liters) allowing for quick discovery of product […]

“Charging” Up Equipment for Automotive Lithium-Ion Battery Industry

There are many reasons why more and more people are looking into fuel-efficient, cleaner-running cars. From soaring gas prices to national security and global warming, people around the world are beginning to turn to hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). While today’s hybrid vehicles use nickel metal-hydride (NiMH) batteries for energy storage, many in the automotive industry […]

Thermotron Introduces Compact, High Performance Environmental Test Chambers

Thermotron is pleased to announce two new environmental chambers have been added to the popular SE-Series line of environmental test chambers: the SE-300-10-10 and the SE-400-15-15. These compact, powerful environmental chambers have been engineered to provide the most accurate and reliable test results in the marketplace. The SE-300-10-10 and SE-400-15-15 can produce temperatures ranging from […]

Thermotron’s New Line of Electrodynamic Shakers Leads the Pack

In recent months, Thermotron has been shaking up the shock and vibration industries with the introduction of the DSX Series of electrodynamic vibration test systems. The line includes electrodynamic shakers in four force-pound ratings — 2250, 4000, 6650, 8000 lbf (10, 17.8, 29.6 and 35.6 kN) —making this line versatile for a variety of vibration […]

Compact Humidity Chamber Provides Versatile Temperature & Humidity Testing

Developed to perform temperature and humidity testing where floor space is limited, Thermotron is pleased to introduce the SM-4-S-3800, a compact, single stage environmental test chamber. Just 31″ wide, with flush mounted controller in the door, the SM-4-S easily passes through narrow doorways and takes up very little floor space. Interior workspace dimensions of 20″W […]

8,000 Force-Pound Electrodynamic Shaker Unveiled

Once again Thermotron is shaking up the vibration industry by introducing its versatile 8000-force pound electrodynamic shaker, the DSX-8000. This electrodynamic shaker features a lightweight 16″ (40.6 cm) diameter magnesium armature able to produce acceleration levels up to 150 g. Rated at 8,000 lbf (35.6 kN) for sine and random tests, the DSX-8000 also features […]

Thermotron Develops New 6,650 Force-Pound Electrodynamic Shaker

Thermotron Industries is pleased to offer a versatile 6,650 force pound vibration testing equipment system. The DSX-6650 Electrodynamic Shaker features a 16″ diameter magnesium armature capable of acceleration levels up to 120g. It is rated at 6,650 lbf for sine and random tests and features superior shock performance for low-frequency, high-displacement tests. Thermotron’s dynamic centering system […]

DSX-4000 Electrodynamic Shaker Boasts 4,000 Force-Pound Capabilities

Continuing its history of innovative accomplishments in vibration, Thermotron is pleased to announce the development of a new 4,000 force pound (17.8kN) electrodynamic shaker, the DSX-4000. With its 16″ (40.6 cm) diameter magnesium armature, the DSX-4000 is sine and random test rated for 4,000 lbf and provides superior acceleration levels. The DSX-4000 vibration shaker is air-cooled […]

Thermotron Proud to Introduce DSX-2250 Electrodynamic Shaker

Exciting new changes to Thermotron Industries vibration systems has added a versatile 2,250 force-pound vibration system to their shaker line up. The DSX-2250 Shaker features a 12″ diameter magnesium armature that provides acceleration levels up to 100 g. The compact vibration system is rated at 2,250 lbf for sine and random tests and features superior […]