CMU Panel Walk-In

Case Study: Central Michigan University – Panel Walk-in Chamber

CMU enhances consumer clothing products with their Walk-In Chamber.

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Product Dewpoint Control for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Product Dewpoint Control – 8800 Controller

PDC prevents condensation from forming on a product during a test.

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Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Handbook-0

Electrodynamic Vibration Testing Handbook

Learn all you need to about electrodynamic vibration with this complimentary e-book.

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Dynamics of Chromosome Spreading-0

Dynamics of Chromosome Spreading

Thermotron?s CDS-5 helped with the consistency and repeatability of chromosome spreading tests.

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Used Chamber Considerations

10 Questions to Consider when Purchasing a Used Chamber

Ask these 10 questions before purchasing a used environmental chamber.

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Transition Cooling for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: Transition Cooling – SE-Series Test Chambers

Transistion Cooling uses sophisticated logic to enhance test chamber performance and reduce enegery consumption.

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ThermoTrakII for Environmental Chambers

Feature Focus: ThermoTrak II Software – Controllers

Control up to 32 environmental chambers with a single PC with ThermoTrakII.

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Humidity Chamber Water Quality Guide

Guide: Water Quality Requirements – Humidity Chamber

Keep your humidity chamber running in top condition by following this guide.

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Temperature Conversion Chart

Temperature Conversion Chart

Convert temperatures while using a test chamber.

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Guide: Environmental Stresses and Their Effects-0

Guide: Environmental Stresses and Their Effects

Temperature, humidity, and vibration are common environmental stresses applied to products. These stresses can be simulated using our environmental test chambers and vibration test systems.

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Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock-0

Feature Focus: Enhanced Shock

When specifying a new electrodynamic shaker, it is common for a high-force shock specification to require a larger, more powerful vibration system than required by the random and sine specifications, significantly driving up the price point. Thermotron has a cost effective, alternative solution.

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Feature Focus: TestTools-0

Feature Focus: TestTools

The more test data you have for your product the better. Sometimes the product monitoring required exceeds the capability of the equipment’s controller. Enter Thermotron’s TestTools, which are instruments that can help with product stimulations and monitoring while undergoing environmental or vibration tests.

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CDS-5 Cytogenetics Drying Chamber for University of Washington Medical Center

Case Study: University of Washington Medical Center – CDS-5 Cytogenetic Drying Chamber

Technologists at the University of Washington Medical Center Cytogentics and Genomics Lab love Thermotron’s CDS-5.

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Guide: Integrating the Test System -0

Guide: Integrating the Test System

Integrating a test system with its controller and other data analysis components is not a trivial undertaking. Engineering disciplines—including electrical, mechanical, and software—need to come together for successful integration and implementation.

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Guide: Environmental Testing Types and Processes -0

Guide: Environmental Testing Types and Processes

Two fundamental forms of environmental testing are simulation and stimulation. The differences, advantages, and applications between these types of environmental tests frequently cause confusion and debate.

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