Feature Focus: 8800 FLIR Camera Integration

The 8800 controller now supports a wide range of control and documentation capabilities with a FLIR camera.

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Consumer Electronics Magazine AST Article

See how AST can help you develop your product in the most effective and efficient way possible.

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Case Study: Control Solutions

Learn how Thermotron is helping Control Solutions ensure a better, more healthy future.

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Top 10 Test Chambers

Top 10 Reasons to Buy SE Chambers

There are a lot of good reasons. Click below to download and read about our patented competitive advantages. Download the PDF  

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Thermotron Controller

Controller Comparison

Thermotron’s 8200 and 8800 controllers are designed specifically to maximize the testing capabilities of your Thermotron environmental test chambers. The 8200 Controller comes standard with all benchtop and S-Series chambers, and the 8800 is included on the SE-Series and above. For those with specific testing needs, the 8800 Controller can be configured to operate an […]

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Alternative Refrigerant Infographic

As an alternative to R404A refrigerant in high-stage cooling systems, Thermotron is utilizing R449A, which meets the environmental standards in both Europe and Canada. Thermotron chambers produced for use in Europe and Canada will be outfitted with R449A refrigerant, and customers in countries where it is not required, such as the United States, have the […]

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Test Equipment Lab

Case Study: ThinKom Solutions

See how Thermotron personalizes its products and service to meet ThinKom’s unique needs.

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Benefits of Environmental Testing

Check out Thermotron’s guide detailing the ways environmental testing can positively impact your entire organization.

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Environmental Chamber Guide

Environmental Chamber Selection Checklist

A guide to the information you should know to make an educated decision about your future test chamber.

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8200+ Controller | Demo Available-0

Feature Focus: 8200+ Controller | Demo Available

Designed and built by Thermotron engineers, see how easy the 8200+ controller makes program entry and product monitoring.

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Cytogenetic Drying System Mayo Clinic

Case Study: Mayo Clinic

Learn how Thermotron and The Mayo Clinic improved cytogenetic testing.

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Patented Universal Port

Feature Focus: Universal Port – SE-Series

Maximize the capabilities of your SE-Series chamber with a universal port.

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HALT Handbook

Accelerated Stress Testing (AST) Handbook

Learn about Accelerated Stress Testing with this guide to HALT and HASS chambers and repetitive shock vibration.

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Refurbished Chamber Process-0

Refurbished Chamber Process

Learn about the refurbishing proccess a used Thermotron test chamber goes through.

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Lithium-Ion Battery Test Chamber

White Paper: Lithium-Ion Battery Testing

Highlights of the stringent regulations and safety requirements associated with Lithium-Ion battery testing

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Case Study: Sat-Com Communications Solutions - AGREE Chamber & Electrodynamic Shaker-0

Case Study: Sat-Com Communications Solutions

Thermotron helps put satellite communications equipment to the test.

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Feature Focus: Access Ports-0

Feature Focus: Access Ports

Products under test can stay connected through utilization of a customizable access port.

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Environmental Testing Guide

Environmental Testing Guide

Your guide to the basics of environmental testing.

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Universal Converter for Environmental Chambers

Universal Converter Desktop Software

Thermotron created a Universal Converter for helpful conversions when testing with an environmental chamber.

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Safety Feature: Battery Test Chamber-0

Feature Focus: Battery Test Chamber Safety

Thermotron provides proven safety solutions for potentially dangerous battery testing.

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